Wednesday, 19 November 2008

SBS 2008 Training Comes to Stockport

After seeing heavily subsidised SBS 2008 training being offered in such places as the US, Canada and Australia I raised the question with Emily Lambert at the SBS 2008 launch event in Manchester.  Emily asked me to drop her a mail with examples of this training, which I duly did and copied in our friendly MS PAL, Vijay.

It turned out a number of people had raised this with Emily and in early November they came up trumps with a 3 day workshop in London for only £200. After consulting my heavily pregnant wife we agreed it was worth the time away from home and I booked my spot. Unfortunately the demand had been so high all the places had gone and I’d been put on the waiting list.

Meanwhile Ric from NetLink IT had been musing over the fact that the only offering was in London and wondered out loud to Emily if we could have some further North.  I obviously backed this whole heartedly, not only because I didn’t have a place on the course, but it’s always nicer to be closer to home for these events.

Last night I was catching up on my blog roll and discovered Microsoft had come up trumps again with new courses announced across the country.

Course Title: 44CO101 - Implementing and Administering Windows® Small Business Server 2008




London 01/12/08 3 days
London 12/01/09 2 days
Edinburgh 15/01/09 2 days
Stockport 16/02/09 2 days
Birmingham 19/02/09 2 days

My booking is confirmed and paid for, I hope to see some of you there.


redleg said...

Nice spot Nick, just booked in too. See you there. MikeG

Ginger Inc said...

Heya there Nick,

I am on the London leg (a long flaming way) but on my initial talks there was an "unknown" when it came to when / where the next courses were.

Its going to be scary taking three days out the business, let alone the money in going to London - However - I have SBS 2008 boxes hitting the ground now...

I dont know what you will lose only have a 2 day course though? Or whether it will just be conducted at break neck speed :-)

Nick said...

Nice one Mike, see you there.

Hey Jules. Apparantly the course was reduced to 2 days after feedback from other courses. If I'd got on to the London leg I would have been very happy, we've got customers rolling out SBS 2008 in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to do the course after it's been in the field for a bit though.

Ginger Inc said...

Heya there Nick,

I'm wondering what the feedback from the other courses would have said to cover what is being covered in 2 days unless there was the assumption that everyone is familiar with SBS already - but on this course - not everyone is.

Nick said...

Ah, I mis-read the comment by Emily Lambert. It wasn't that people only thought 2 days was necessary, it was that people thought 3 days was too long to take away from the business.

Chris Sparshott said...

Hello there, I just thought I would post some event details of a competitive product from IBM called Lotus Foundations. Blackboxed, security, backups, email, calendar, Outlook client interface, self healing.

Basically an IT solution which gives time back to SMB's.

Free 2 Days Virtual training open to everyone.

PS: I do work at IBM but don't hold it against me!! :o)