Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Windows 7 and SBS 2008

The team at the Official SBS Blog have posted details on how to get your Windows 7 machine running on your SBS 2008 network:

Using Windows 7 BETA With SBS 2008

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Windows 7

I’ve been using Windows 7 since the public beta and I’ve been very impressed.  I’ve got it dual-booting with Vista on my laptop and running as my primary OS on my home machine.  It runs very nicely, although these are both pretty new machines (Core 2 Duos). From what I’ve heard it will run on lesser hardware, but it still needs to be current gen hardware.  One example is it runs quite happily on Atom based Netbooks, where Vista would struggle.

Unfortunately the public beta has now finished, however I’m sure readers of this blog will either have already got it, or know certain means to lay their hands on it.  Also, if you’ve got TechNet, it’s still there for the taking.

I did run into a problem with it on my desktop yesterday where a RAR set made in the old 00x style wouldn’t open.  However, trying the same RAR set on Vista produced the same problem.  Luckily 7zip came to the rescue and happily opened the set for me.

One other problem which I’m hoping will be addressed by a driver update is some sort of conflict with my video card on the desktop.  It’s a ATi 2400 Pro and I had the same problem for a while on Vista.  The driver crashes and Vista would usually recover, however Win7 seems get stuck in a loop which eventually crashes the system.  I’m still running the MS driver installed for the card when I installed the OS, so I’m hoping getting the ATi driver will resolve the issue.

All in all Win7 is a polished version of Vista and I’m a Vista fan.  However, I think Win7 will also win over some Vista haters – it’s certainly a lot more OS X like which will to be some people’s taste.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

How to Stop WSUS Downloading Updates in SBS 2008

In SBS 2008 WSUS is enabled by default and will start downloading updates once setup is complete.  We use a centralised update service which manages updates for all our clients and means we only have to approve updates once and not for each server.

WSUS in SBS 2008 gives you the option to not install updates and download only. However, this means the server is still downloading all the updates and wasting bandwidth and disk space.

I raised this issue with the guys in and after some internal discussion they came back and said the only way to stop the downloads was to remove WSUS.  Unfortunately this has the side effect of stopping SBS reporting on patch level, but our centralised software covers this anyway.

So I’ve followed MS’s advise and so far so good. No unnecessary downloads and the server is ticking along nicely.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

SBSC Survey

Emily Lambert has posted about the Small Business Specialist Community online survey and the deadline for this is Feb 6th – this Friday.  If you’ve got five minutes today, please head on over there and fill out the survey to help MS understand us SBS’ers a bit better.

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Change the Anti-Spam Setting in SBS 2008

SBS 2008 has the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) enabled by default, so out of the box mail will be filtered and the default behaviour is block rather than quarantine.  One of our customers had some missing mails so I needed to adjust this and Microsoft’s very own SBS expert Dave Overton had done a neat little blog entry that sorted it out in a few clicks:

Thanks Dave.