Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Managed Services

Managed Services is now the core business at Sirona Solutions and we’re pleased to offer this service to a number of small businesses in and around Manchester.

When we started Sirona we knew the key to a successful business was to find customers who saw value in having an IT partner.  At first we saw that role as responding to faults and maintaining servers on a daily basis.  As we discovered the term ‘Managed Services’ we found there was lot more we can offer that will help us stand out from other IT suppliers.

On a day to day basis we may still just be responding to faults, but under the surface we’ve been adding more and more value to our contracts.  A key tool that has helped us expand what we do, without drastically affecting the bottom line, is Kaseya.  Kaseya is an automation tool which allows us to manage our client’s infrastructure, servers and desktops.  I like the way our supplier put it; ‘Kaseya can basically do anything to a PC that doesn’t require a screwdriver’.

There are various ways to use Kaseya and for a company of our size a hosted solution was the best option.  We considered a few suppliers and quickly settled on Bull Terrier Systems.  Ian from Bull Terrier made the journey to come and see us and demonstrate what the service can do.  This shows a level of commitment from the start that you don’t find from many suppliers.  Of course it’s something that Sirona does when we’re engaging potential new customers, but our journeys are generally less than 20 miles round trip, not 200.

We’ve now been using Kaseya for just over a month and it’s really allowed us to become a 24/7 operation.  System patching is built in and ready to go, so all the machines we manage always have the latest MS patches installed.  Beyond that we’ve been able to roll out new software packages outside core business hours, reboot servers without having to get up in the middle of the night to do it and be alerted as soon as a key service fails.

We see Managed Services as redefining our role as a business partner, rather than just a supplier.  Kaseya is one step on the road to becoming this, by taking complete control of the infrastructure and offering great value for money.

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Alex S said...

Thanks for introducing Sirona solutions service. Managed service is essential part of business to increase the productivity.